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At Lyngsø Marine, we consider service to be a natural extension of our products through the lifetime of your vessels. With more than 40 years of experience and expertise within supply of marine equipment, we strive to develop and strengthen our position as a world-leading expert, focusing solely on marine systems.

Wärtsilä acquires L-3 MSI

As of June 1st 2015, L-3 MSI, Including Lyngsø Marine A/S, has been acquired by the Wärtsilä Corporation.

Please see the Wärtailä customer letter below.

Wärtsila Customer letter

Automation, Navigation and Communication products
from one supplier:

New NACOS Platinum Series 

Automation Products
Navigation Products
Communication Products




Platinum for Nordic Ferries Newbuildings

Complete Platinum package with Automation, Navigation and Internal Communication.

Thank you for your visit on our stand

We thank all our customers for your visit on our stand during SMM 2010. We were happy to show you our world breaking new product series NACOS Platinum.